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We render overall E-commerce solution. Creative, dedicated and reliable E-commerce application developers for your e-business. We offer insightful, convenient and customizable solution.

Customer App

Personalize your own e-business application. Persuade your users to place more orders.


Prompt and fascinating solution to inspire more customers to buy your goods.

User Friendly Interface

Experience the effortless navigation throughout the application by utilising this convenient User Interface. Designed to provide comfortable, steady and handy interface for the users.

Secured Otp Login & Registration

Well-secured One-Time Password authentication for Login and Registration of the application.

Various Payment Options

Varied options for the users to make easy payments for their orders viz. Razorpay, PayUMoney and Cash on Delivery (COD) for every products.

Push Notifications with FCM

Notify users about updates, offers and necessary announcements using Firebase Cloud Messaging system. Users when enabling this option will receive push notifications.

Order Tracking System

Manage orders efficiently. Users can track order from the placement till delivery of the order through order tracking system.

Geo - Tagging

Label the geographical location of the place where the order came from. Users can know the location, distance and place of the store for which the order placed.

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Admin App

Administer and manage your e-business application. Maintain products’ statistics and track every progress of your business.


Effective and possible solution to manage and operate the business.


Analyse your past performance and improve your future practices. Examine different ways to develop the business strategies further through statistics analysis.

Offers, Deals and Promotions

Enhance your business by offering promotions, promo code offers, and deals to potential customers. Increase your customer base with this marketing strategy.

Product Management

Organise your product marketing before and after the selling. Establish product strategy and produce goods accordingly.


Interact with your users by announcing important updates, offers, discounts and deals through push notifications. Get instant notification when orders placed by the customers.


Observe and track all business data including order details, customer experience, and delivery information. Monitor every leads and important metrics of your business.

Payments and Transactions

Provide convenient and secure transaction options for the users to proceed with payments. E-payments support both customers and the business owners in tracking down transaction details and invoices.

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Delivery Boy App

Transparent delivery service from the minute of ordering. Trace delivery actions on all stages and provide best products.


An alternative and interactive solution to deliver the products.

Location Tracking

Track the location of the delivery boy and the time duration of the delivery. Both Admin and the customer will be updated with the location of delivery boy from the minute of ordering.

Delivery status

Get notified about the delivery status and updates including the order is placed, received, dispatched, delivered and paid for.

One - Tap Customer Dail

Make an easy one-tap call to the customer if the delivery boy has any queries regarding the order and service.

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Meat Shop

Fruits & Vegetables Shop



Hotel SriSaiSaravana

Dhilip Kumar & Devendhiran

Shopping at Spider eKart is as easy as it gets ! It is a great relief that i no longer have to set my entire day aside to go grocery shopping

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V Best Seafresh

V Janarthanan

Having access to an online grocery store has saved us many times. With great delivery to whole customer engagement, it exceeds expectations

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Farm to home


We shop at Spider eKart and the two things which we like the best about it is easy shopping with fast delivery We even had some complaints earlier but they received them very professionally and sorted them out.

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AFLAH Supermarket


Their packaging is as good as their service. We shopped from Spider eKart and haven't stopped ordering from them since.

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